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2017 Frozen Raven

2016 Frozen Raven
January 14, 2017
2017 Raven Mountain Bike Enduro
March 1, 2017








December 10th, 2017

Race Format
A Full Gas Sprint Enduro which features two loops/special tests with racers making multiple attempts on each test and the total, cumulative time being used for race results. I.e., the fastest rider wins. There will be no “drops” of special test times. There is an A – B split on one or both special tests depending on weather conditions.

Number of Tests
Riders will get to ride 4 special tests during the event.

There are two classes, A and B

Starting Order
There will be an A and B rider released every whole minute for each special test. Riders have the option to choose their starting row at registration.

Riders will take off in whole minute intervals and are timed to the second out of the enduro cross course which completes each special test.

Seven Mountains Conservation Corp. private property

Registration Location
498 Decker Valley Road, Spring Mills, PA 16875 (Basement)

Registration Time

Race Start Time

Awards will be given to first place rider in each class

Food and beverages provided after the race

This is a member only event. If you are not a member, you will need to complete the 2017 membership and pay the $50 for a 2017 membership.. This does not allow you to be a member in 2018. You will need to complete the 2018 membership and pay the $50 fee for a 2018 membership.

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