Trail Maintenance

SMCC is committed to keeping trails in top-notch condition for outdoor enthusiasts. Our dedicated team of volunteers devote two or three weekends each year to trail maintenance and improvements. We completed two major projects in 2016 and more are planned for the coming year.

Trail Maintenance FAQs

1How often do you work on the trails?
In 2016 SMCC worked two weekends, however, members put in about 15 total days of maintenance as well assisting in other non-SMCC events which includes pre-event trail maintenance.
2Who can help?
Any other volunteers can assist under the supervision of a SMCC Board members.
3What work has been done to the trails?
In 2016 Work was completed on the Ground Oak Trail and surrounding area. In 2017 we will focus on Buck Spring Trail.
4How do you keep the trails sustainable?
SMCC adds switch-backs to stop erosion of trail systems with both machinery and labor from SMCC board members. Work complies with reviewed and approved DCNR and State Forestry standards. Board Members go through training on specific trail building techniques and safety measures annually.